Knox Business Life Issue 59, April 2017

Knox Business Life Issue 59, April 2017- PDF


In this Issue you will find:

OMUS helps produce 3D world first

Incentives to hire auto workers

Victoria leads in jobs growth 

$250K investment for new jobs 

CEO Q&A with Tony Doyle 

Immerse arts initiative 

Healthy eating at Sigma 

RUAG wins CTD federal grant 

Community Plan sets Knox vision 

GPC Repco official opening 

Cleaner wins environment award 

Considered sponsorship? 

HBB exports to 35 countries 

500+ jobs & Lots of events 

Bayswater Business Precinct 

GTP graduate Q&A: Greg Larpent 

GTP Lean systems overview 

Welcome to Knox

CSR in Knox 

Eve John presents at Summit 

The Hat & The Hare opens 

Save the date: SM17 

Milestone celebrations