Don’t waste it! Re-think and re-use resources in business

If your business has unwanted resources (e.g. electronics, wood, metal and by-product), instead of sending it to landfill, you put it to better use by listing it on ASPIRE for other businesses to source and use. This ‘greener’ solution can help your business save costs, make new connections, and contribute to a circular economy.

What is ASPIRE?


ASPIRE stands for Advisory System for Process Innovation and Resource Exchange. It’s an online matchmaking tool for businesses to list and exchange material resources locally. ASPIRE was designed to promote business sustainability, divert waste from landfill and develop new collaborations.

A helpful feature in ASPIRE is its algorithm, which actively curates and sends you potential matches based on your profile. This will save you time from searching for opportunities.

If your business is offering or seeking unwanted resources, you can easily list it on ASPIRE and connect with local businesses, manufacturers, re-manufacturers and recyclers.


How your business can benefit from ASPIRE

There are a number of cost savings and environmental benefits associated with resource exchange transactions, these include:


How do I access ASPIRE?

  1. Complete the registration form
    2. Once your account has been activated, you’ll receive an email with login details. You are now ready to connect with businesses for
    resource exchange transactions.


Case Studies

Through ASPIRE, businesses have found new supply chain partners, and innovative solutions for their unwanted material resources.

A new home for e-Waste

E-Waste is a huge problem in Australia, with approximately 109,000 tonnes of e-Waste disposed of annually, and only 10% is recycled.  A Tech Recyclers, a local Melbourne recycler, source electronic waste from businesses and schools for re-purposing and recycling. On ASPIRE, they were able to build their client base to expand their stockpile and divert e-Waste from landfill.



Timber and pallet recycling

Around 70% of timber waste end up in landfill, this includes timber pallets. It’s a hassle for businesses to dispose of timber pallets because they are bulky. Smart Recycling is a company that recycles timber waste and pallets into landscaping mulch, custom-made pallets and crates. This creates a sustainable cycling loop.



More Information

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Up to 20 Knox businesses can register for free under the Knox City Council offer.