Knox Learning Alliance

What we offer:

  • Learn Local pre accredited training
  • Accredited training programs
  • Literacy & numeracy programs
  • VCAL programs from year 10 to 12
  • VCE for adults
  • Accredited transition education
  • Funded by ACFE Board

The Knox Learning Alliance brings together a considerable collection of resources and knowledge in the training and careers planning space;

Together the Alliance has a combined allocation of 53,007 student contact hours of Learn Local pre accredited training each year. This represents a total pre accredited training budget of $381,719. (based on 2015 figures)

Across the five members of the Knox Learning Alliance 77 different pre accredited short courses are offered, primarily to those who are deemed to be in need of improved employability skills. These courses can be developed quickly and effectively in response to local needs as they are identified.

In addition to the pre accredited training, specific accredited Literacy and Numeracy programs are offered to increase the employability and citizenship skills of residents. A Learn Local funded project will also provide backing for a local literacy network involving KLA members and Eastern Regional Libraries.

For young adults who have left the school system for various reasons the Alliance members provide VCAL programs from year 10 to 12 as well as adult VCE.

Accredited transition education provides specific training to people with a disability as will a new $150,000 project in partnership with Knoxbrooke Industries.

With two members of the Knox Learning Alliance having Registered Training Organisation status, nationally accredited programs in community services, early childhood education and care, white card and training and assessment courses are also available in a local, supportive environment.

The Knox Learning Alliance has been funded by a Capacity and Innovation Grant from the Adult Community and Further Education Board.

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