Turning Trash to Treasure

ASPIRE - Advisory System for Processing, Innovation & Resource Exchange

Industry faces new challenges in today's world where the cost of waste disposal is on the rise. No longer is it cost-effective to send waste to landfill. Neither is it resource-efficient or socially acceptable for environmentally conscious companies not to consider end-of-pipe impacts.

ASPIRE is an online marketplace which intelligently matches your business with potential purchasers or recyclers of your waste by-products. It saves on your disposal costs and cuts the amount of waste going to landfill.

The ASPIRE software has been developed by CSIRO under the State Government of Victoria's Digital Futures Fund, led by Kingston Council in partnership with Hume, Knox and Dandenong councils.

ASPIRE leverages CSIRO's expertise to provide a software tool that identifies potential business to business (B2B) resource exchanges. ASPIRE is also connected with the concept of the circular economy and adoption of this and industrial symbiosis in the European Union and World Economic Forum.

Who is it for?

ASPIRE provides benefit to SMEs, service providers, manufacturers, recyclers, remanufacturers and CSIRO's project partner local government councils. It is the lever for innovation, collaboration and economic sustainable development by; generating alternative supply chain pathways for resources and greater local connections between businesses, improving business networking, data capture of information not currently collected for SMEs by local or state government, driving greater engagement in recycling and alternatives to landfill and the identification of materials innovation opportunities.

ASPIRE can reduce business operating costs, create new business opportunities and jobs, improve business awareness of waste streams and increase knowledge of resource exchange opportunities.

How it works

ASPIRE users enter details about the type and quantity of their waste materials (outputs) and substitutable inputs. Using this data, the ASPIRE online tool determines optimal sources and destinations for the materials, including options for aggregation with other local businesses and local recyclers. The profile information for the users associated with these suggestions is then provided to the user.

To register your interest, complete the online Expression of Interest form and let us know what types of waste you would like to register for reuse or recycling.

To find out more, email eco.dev@knox.vic.gov.au or  register at: https://aspire.csiro.au/

Case Studies

Case Study - Viridian and Olympic Polymers

The Problem
Viridian (Clayton South) is a specialised glass manufacturer and Olympic Polymers (Moorabbin) specialises in cleaning, sorting and recycling postindustrial plastic waste. They are currently working together to solve a common problem - how to reduce plastic waste going to landfill. The solution is to sort, recycle and save money along the way.  Read More


Case Study - Wrapco, Kingston Council & Casafico

The Challenge
The Wrapping Paper Company Pty Ltd (Wrapco) is Australia's leading designer and manufacturer of gift wrap products and accessories. Through their manufacturing process they occasionally have wrapping paper waste that they have struggled to find a solution for as this resource is not suitable for recycling. This has resulted in them stockpiling the waste until they can find a solution.

Many companies have expanded polystyrene (EPS) waste and Kingston council is no exception.  Kingston’s polystyrene typically gets picked up and gets sent to landfill.

EPS is produced from oil, is difficult to reuse because it is typically moulded to shape. It is also lightweight and bulky. One estimate from a NSW source states EPS as comprising 0.74% of municipal waste by weight. However its landfill cost relates to the space it takes up and this has been estimated to be as much as $2,500/tonne.  Read More