Women on the Go Forum another full house

The 2017 Women on the Go Forum and Expo on 25 August did not disappoint the packed room at Knox City Council's municipal offices.

A varied mix of exhibitors bordered the room offering everything from photography and women’s fitness to a youth services charity and end of life consultant. Emcee for the Forum, Acting Manager City Futures, Nic Hunter, introduced Mayor Cr Darren Pearce and CEO Tony Doyle before we heard from Gabriella Butler, Senior Manager Community Relationships, at Bendigo Bank, the event’s key sponsor for the past 10 years, and Kim Stewart from Knox Leader.

The highlights of the Forum were hearing the real-life and heartfelt stories from Michelle Drinnan who runs the Face Paint Shop, Hire a Santa and Book a Bunny, and Becky Buada who is a Director of the recently opened café, The Hatter and The Hare in Bayswater.

Michelle spoke about the highs and lows of starting her business Hire a Santa and how she coped with the unexpected outcomes that were thrust upon her and how they have helped her and her businesses become more resilient. Becky emphasised the importance of setting the right tone and voice on social media well before opening the café and continually engaging with followers.

With 2,000 likes on Facebook two months before it even opened (it now has 8,000) Becky provided some good advice. 

Top Takeaway from Becky When starting a business, keep people (who are all potential customers) in the loop on developments. For example, progress on the plans, building, fit-out, crockery selected, menus, etc.

This way, they become part of the story and journey.