If Uni is Not Right for You - Event Wrap

On Monday 25 March, Knox Council's Economic Development team hosted its inaugural careers and skills forum titled "If Uni Is Not Right for You".

Featuring a keynote address by one of Australia's leading education "agents of change", Peter Hutton, the event was attended by over eighty patrons including students, their parents and a wide cross-section of education and careers experts from Melbourne’s East.

The inspiration for the evening came from the team’s desire to start a conversation that considers one of Australia’s most pressing dilemmas: What can we do to influence the story of double-digit unemployment across Australia and in Knox?

With this in mind, this event brought together stories, leading experts and examples to inspire young people, their parents, as well as teachers and career counsellors with the message that it is OK to pursue a personal journey that doesn’t include university studies and which seeks a tangible career path such as an apprenticeship, traineeship or even self-employment.

Peter Hutton’s address opened the thought-provoking forum on work and career success and gave many riveting examples of what can be done to nurture a young person’s talent.

Following this, a lively panel conversation moderated by the Foundation for Young Australians further investigated ways that young people can unlock their passions, and timely advice on apprenticeships and traineeships was also shared.

Business partners Catten Industries, Diver Foods, Mobile Automation, Natures Organics, Seasol, Serco, Tilley Soaps and Zinfra as well as support organization AI Group Training; Apprenticeships Matter; Jobs Victoria and the Skills & Jobs Centre offered invaluable insight across the evening.

The diversity of the audience, the rich knowledge shared by all the speakers and the positive feedback from patrons confirmed the importance of hosting this event.


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