The Source Bulk Foods

It’s easy to shop with zero waste at The Source Bulk Foods at Stud Park Shopping Centre, Rowville.

Opened in mid-March, the organic natural health and bulk food store, allows shoppers to buy whatever amount they want whether that’s one teaspoon or one kilo.

Store owner Thuy Le is passionate about healthy eating and sustainability.

“Our produce isn’t pre-packed in any way and we don’t use plastic packages at all. People can bring their own containers, bottles or jars and they fill them up with any of our hundreds of different foods, oils and household cleaners. We even sell bamboo toothbrushes.

“We supply goods in biodegradable brown paper bags if people don’t bring their own containers. Often when customers see our range of healthy snacks for the first time, they invariably choose one or two to take home. They can be quite addictive, especially the activated Moreish Munch.

“Because you can buy as much or as little as you need, this style of shopping not only reduces unnecessary packaging, but also reduces food wastage.”

The Source Bulk Foods has 50 stores around Australia with the Stud Park store, the first in Knox. It sources its products and ingredients from different wholesalers and suppliers around Australia with products such as honey and kombucha sourced locally.