Changes to Planning at Knox

‘Yellow’ notices now online

An initiative of Knox City Council now allows all advertised planning applications to be viewed online.

Under Section 52 of the Planning and Environment Act 1987, planning applications are advertised where a proposal may cause detriment to another person or the amenity of an area.

In the past a public notice (large yellow sign) displayed on the subject site indicated that a planning permit application had been received by Council and anyone who wanted to view the plans had to come into the Council building.

Any questions about a planning application at advertising stage can be made to Council’s Building and Planning team during business hours.


Planning goes digital

Planning applications to Knox Council have been digitalised.

Anyone who wants to lodge a planning application has 24-hour access to lodge their application, make online payments, view the status of their planning application, see who their Planner is, submit further information, view decisions and approved plans online, and more.

Council expects 80 percent of planning applications to be lodged online by the end of 2019 as it will no longer be working with hard copy paper documents and plans.

Applicants need to register as a user of Council Online Services to use the online planning processes. Setting up an account takes one business day.