Megara leads in plastics manufacture & recycling

With all the negative publicity surrounding plastic, Megara Australia is a plastics manufacturer with a difference.

The Bayswater-based company has launched a video showing how it closes the loop on its Promeg polypropylene manufacturing process, creating products up to 100 per cent recycled that are also carbon neutral.

Polypropylene, which is identified by the number 5, is 100 per cent recyclable and can be put into any mainstream plastics recycling bin. However, Megara prefers to collect its own material back at the end of its useful life, where possible, and recycle it into new Promeg.

Megara supplies polypropylene sheet to many converters along with a cage in which they can place their offcuts and Promeg waste. The post-industrial scrap is then collected and then brought back to Megara’s recycling plant in Bayswater to create new Promeg products.

In addition to supplying sheet, Megara’s industrial designers work with companies from design concepts to finished products.

This tailor-made service is regularly used to convert sheet into displays, packaging, stationery and signage.

One recent project where Promeg was used was in Country Road’s Spring 2018 windows.

Recycled window displays

Mark Weiss, CEO of Megara, said attractive window displays made from 30 per cent recycled material that was 100 per cent carbon neutral, were colour matched to specific seasonal colours Country Road requested.

“After the window displays were removed, we retrieved as much of the material as we could and brought it back to be recycled. The project was a combination of all the special customisation we can do and demonstrated that what we do doesn’t harm the environment.

“We source as much raw material as we can from Australia; only a small percentage comes from overseas.

“Polypropylene is a non-toxic, food-safe material that can be recycled indefinitely, so there’s no reason for this material to end up in landfill,” Mark added.

Keeping transport miles to a minimum, Megara likes to source locally and has a number of Knox suppliers who provide a wide range of products from packaging products to steel and aluminium. These include SJ Display, Avon Graphics, Blackwoods, Qual Tape and RP Steel.

As with any manufacturer, challenges come from strong import competition, which has led Megara to embrace the latest technology. This has involved automating various processes to remain relevant and competitive.


This year, Megara celebrates 50 years. Starting out as a commercial stationer, importing computer binders back in 1969, in 1982 Megara commenced manufacturing its own polypropylene called Promeg and never looked back. In 1997, Megara moved to its current location on Mountain Highway in Bayswater.