Rethinking how to reuse resources

What is ASPIRE?

Advisory System for Process Innovation and Resource Exchange (ASPIRE) is an online matchmaking tool for material resource exchanges, based on a methodology for engaging and supporting all sized businesses. It uses a website and an engagement model to promote business sustainability by matching material resources or waste to businesses, manufacturers, re-manufacturers and recyclers to identify alternative supply chains.

ASPIRE’s digital business-to-business (B2B) platform connects resource generators with other businesses to improve business productivity and reduce environmental impact, while supporting businesses to build markets for unwanted resources and materials.

The ASPIRE program intends to assist with cost-saving measures for small to medium enterprises (SMEs) with the growing issue of waste and disposal costs. In Australia, SME’s consist of 98% of the business that operates. To date, the program has focused on the manufacturing sector (which 90% of Australians business are SMEs) in Victoria, with great opportunities to grow ASPIRE outside the field and region. 

What are the benefits of ASPIRE?

The benefits to business are:

  • Reduction of waste costs
  • Reduction of input resource costs
  • Diversion of waste to landfill
  • Reputational merit by demonstrating recycling and environmental sustainability initiatives
  • Access to new business connections and collaboration opportunities
  • Access to information that supports sustainable business operations.

Apart from the direct economic benefits afforded to businesses active on ASPIRE, there are also networking benefits. Companies are able to collaborate as a consequence of simply being members of, or participants on, ASPIRE.

Case Studies

Read the case studies on the ASPIREsme website for examples of businesses repurposing and recycling materials, creating cost savings as well as positive environmental outcomes by diverting waste from landfill, reducing water consumption and saving CO2. 

I'm a business in Knox, how do I access ASPIRE?

Set up an account by completing the registration form, including as many details as you can. This will assist your business and other participating businesses to find successful matches.  Once you've set up your account and it's been approved, you can add your resources - the materials, or 'waste', that you have available, the quantities and how regularly they're available.  You can log in to update and manage your account and resources at any time.  Once a month, ASPIRE tries to find matches for registered users and emails the result to them (this setting can be changed at any time if you do not find the emails beneficial).

I'm a business outside of Knox, how do I access ASPIRE?

Any companies within the regions of Kingston, Dandenong, Knox, Wyndham, Baron South West Waste Resource and Recovery Group (BSWWRRG) and Hume are able to access ASPIRE. Please contact your local council to find out more or contact ASPIRE directly.

Businesses outside these regions are welcome to join.  Visit the ASPIRE website, fill out the registration form and they will contact you.

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