Cork the Liquor Store

Being passionate and different to their ‘competitors’ is what Brett and Marrianne Sansom have achieved with their start-up in Boronia: Cork the Liquor Store.

Located at 197 Scoresby Road, Cork specialises in boutique wine, premium spirits and craft beer. It’s like having a trendy inner-city bottle shop in the heart of suburbia.

Having invested upwards of $50,000 in store fit-out and stock, the couple are using their in-depth knowledge of the liquor industry to provide Knox residents with an alternative to the majors.

“Knox has more than 20 licensed bottle shops but not one is truly independent,” said Brett. “We offer good old-fashioned service and have expertise that we can offer to our customers.”

In deciding to establish Cork, Brett and Marrianne took into account their existing wholesale business, which sells wines to restaurants and cafes.

“We know how hard it is for smaller producers to get outlets to sell their products so we’ve opted to stock several locally produced gins, vodkas, whisky and craft beers to compliment a very large wine range,” Brett said.

Future plans include another store in Knox and adding gourmet produce and giftware such as BBQ meats, cheese and biscuits, cured meats, glassware and candles.

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