Online Business Lift Off Program

Starting any business is an exciting and potentially lifechanging undertaking. However, as exciting as this journey can be, it can also be overwhelming and daunting.

A new program is now available, free for many people thanks to government funding, that will guide and support participants in creating their own online business.

Online Business Lift-off (OBL) started life as a dream to help people with a disability, carers and people over 50 who are struggling to get a job or are at risk of long-term unemployment. Most want to contribute to their community and support themselves and their family financially. The problem is that a 9-5 or ‘regular’ job isn’t for them.

The OBL program covers indepth topics to take the stress and guesswork out of coming up with a solid business idea and making it a reality. It takes participants on a journey from idea to online (with all the technology) within the first few weeks.

As participants’ skills and confidence grow, their online business takes shape. Within 12 weeks they can go from zero idea to a fully functioning online site! Many participants have started making money well before their 12 weeks are up. By teaming up with Knox Council, OBL is now able to offer the program locally. Plenty of support and mentoring is available when needed.

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Before I joined the OBL program I was caring full time for my daughter but wanting to contribute more to my community and my family.

OBL has flexible learning. The team understands carer life and the need to wear many hats so all sessions are recorded to enable participants to revisit the learning. The team made it easy and learning from home was terrific.

I highly recommend the OBL program to carers who have an idea for a business that is wanting to hatch. They will learn an extraordinary amount about the online business world in a gentle and supported way. They will also learn about themselves and be encouraged to be all they can be.

Amazing! - Shelley