Knox City Council the 40th council to boost local small business supports - Media Release

24 June 2020

Knox City Council has furthered its response to coronavirus (COVID-19) by making the pledge to become a Small Business Friendly Council, committing to boost local business supports.

The local council is the 40th to sign up to this Victorian Small Business Commission (VSBC) initiative, which is about working together to make it easier to run a small business locally.

By signing up, Knox City Council has committed to a range of measures that will help small businesses at this time, including:

Today, Knox City Council took part in a virtual meeting to discuss business supports and sign the initiative’s Charter with Local Member for Bayswater Jackson Taylor and Victorian Small Business Commissioner Judy O’Connell.

The pledge builds on existing council supports, including local business mentoring and coaching sessions with independent business advisors in response to coronavirus.

Over 13,600 local businesses in Knox stand to benefit from today’s pledge across industries including manufacturing, retail, healthcare and construction.

The VSBC encourages councils that haven’t signed up to join Knox City Council in helping to create a level playing field for their local small businesses.