There are many reasons for businesses to look towards sustainable practices as part of their long-term business plan.

Reducing resource consumption and engaging in more efficient business practices can boost the bottom line.

Knox City Council has partnered with the following programs to provide businesses with opportunities to reduce their carbon footprint and save money.



Don’t waste it! Re-think and re-use resources in business.

If your business has unwanted resources (e.g. electronics, wood, metal and by-product), instead of sending it to landfill, you put it to better use by listing it on ASPIRE for other businesses to source and use. This ‘greener’ solution can help your business save costs, make new connections, and contribute to a circular economy.

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Environmental Upgrade Finance (EUF)

We’re helping local businesses unlock savings with Environmental Upgrade Finance.

Do you want to do a building upgrade to save your business money, but aren’t sure if you can afford it?

With the Sustainable Australia Fund, you can!

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Energy Saving Advice from Australian Energy Foundation (AEF)

Are you looking to reduce your gas and electricity bills? Council has partnered with the Australian Energy Foundation to provide you with free and trusted advice on how to effectively lower your energy consumption in your home or business.

Getting expert advice from their experienced energy advisors about improving energy efficiency, can help ease the financial pressure of rising energy costs, and lower your carbon footprint. They can also connect you to reliable suppliers in the industry.

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