Signex creates new COVID range

Bayswater signage manufacturer, Signex Group, lost 70 per cent of its business when event organisers drew a red line through their events earlier this year.

The Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show, the Grand Prix and major golf tournaments were just some of SigneX's annual events that they supplied.

After thinking about requirements around social distancing, Signex started manufacturing tough, long-life floor decals that are R10+ slip rated and suitable for carpet, cement and timber floors. Floor tapes and window decals were then added to their range.

Doug Pieper, Owner Principal of Signex, said the range then expanded into low end and high end sneeze screens and more recently has added a lightweight, stackable hand sanitiser stand.

“Our products are ideal for schools, shops, stores, gyms and office buildings, and we can print it with a brand or logo  or it can just have generic signage,” Doug said.

“We’ve developed a full range of products and have gone from a business that virtually stopped overnight and we looked at putting off all our staff and closing down until the event season started, to one where we are supplying much needed products for a completely new market.

“Importantly, it’s allowed our staff to keep their jobs. While they are still on JobKeeper, we’ve gone from zero days to three to four days a week.”