Knox Arts and Cultural Sector Grant Guidelines

This grant was created to support the cultural and creative sectors in Knox, sectors that are heavily reliant on patron numbers, events, festivals and tourism. The funding complements the Sustaining Creative Workers initiative issued by the State Government to support the continued work of Victoria’s independent creative practitioners.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Hold an Australian Business Number (ABN) and/or be a registered Not-for-Profit organisation or Incorporated group;
  • Be currently operating within the cultural and creative sector, as listed by the ABS/Creative Victoria;
  • Be an Australian owned organisation;
  • Be located in or operating within Knox (this means the organisation can be based outside of Knox, but the project MUST be based in Knox)
  • Hold all relevant licences, permits and approvals necessary to be operating


Stream 1 – Creative Industry Facilitation Grant

  • Creative and cultural businesses will be able to apply for up to $5,000
  • Must be an individual business/organisation applying

Eligible Projects:

  • Participation in, or development of online training and development packages e.g. Creative seminars, creative classes online with skills / social interaction
  • Innovate their marketing and communication activities such as building search engine optimisation, developing social media and digital platform strategies or other communications engagement; and
  • Facilitate partnership/network or research and development opportunities with other creative professionals across new platforms, channels, portals etc.

Stream 2 – Placemaking and Liveable Communities Grant

  • Creative and cultural businesses will be able to apply for up to $10,000
  • Needs to demonstrate local business and community partnerships and community outcomes

Eligible Projects:

  • Funding neighbourhood pop-up activations, community art projects/installations, and cultural development activities;
  • Running events/performances/multimedia/digital exhibitions that are connected to the activity centres;
  • Supporting partnership arrangements between artists and traders to improve visual merchandising/rejuvenation of shopfronts, activity centre beautification or marketing; and
  • Footpath, trading and dining displays that compliment commercial and community activity in these centres.