Austrade export services - helping you on your global growth journey

Your guide to exporting is now at your fingertips!

The Australian Trade and Investment Commission recently launched Austrade export services to give exporters a one stop shop to find all the information you need for your export journey.

Whether you’re exploring the possibilities of exporting, ready to tackle your first market or looking to expand and stay ahead, Austrade can help.

Learn the basics of exporting, assess if you’re ready to export, understand market nuances and build a list of resources using easy to navigate self-service tools.

What you can access:

  • Complete guide to exporting
  • Export readiness quiz
  • Over 30 tools, tutorials, guides and templates
  • Insights and data on top-performing markets
  • More than 3,500 export market profiles
  • Market laws and regulations

If you're not sure what the next step on your export journey is Austrade export services has taken out the guess work.