How 'Spice Girl' Jordyn Evans used social media to cook up a million-dollar business

If ever there was a testament to the power of social media in building a brand, Mingle Seasoning's founder Jordyn Evans is up there as one of the great success stories. 

It all began in 2016 when the keen home cook was cleaning her pantry and realised all of her seasoning brands were loaded with nasty ingredients such as synthetics, preservatives, sugar and salt. Unable to find a more natural brand at the supermarkets and keen to scratch her entrepreneurial itch inherited from her father and grandfather, Jordyn cooked up the idea for Mingle Seasoning, a more natural offering with a fresh, young aesthetic that spoke to a new generation of home cooks.

Initially launching online as a side hustle, Mingles rapidly growing social media presence convinced Jordyn to leave her full-time job as a marketing manager for a beverage company and focus on her spicy idea.

Then only 25, social media became Jordyn's launching pad, and attracted not only the attention of a more health-conscious public, but also yoghurt juggernaut Chobani, which invited the company to be part of a six-month program designed to help promising start-ups get off the ground. With Chobani's help and over 80,000 social media followers to leverage, Mingle Seasoning was launched into a Coles Local concept store to test the market.;

Now, with over 43 thousand followers, five products in Coles nationwide and Countdown NZ, a warehouse in Rowville, and a goal to become the healthy flavour brand of choice,Mingle is an incredible Aussie success story.

As a one-woman business, the road to spice glory was especially challenging, with Jordyn spending virtually every hour of the day managing social media, testing spice mixes, talking to manufacturers, bookkeeping and all while battling burn out and an increased disconnection from family and friends.;

I was an overworked business owner who wasn't making any time for family or downtime, Jordyn said. I thought working harder, not smarter was the right approach;

Taking on partners a couple of years ago was a turning point in the business, as Jordyn realised that collaboration and surrounding herself with smart people was key to her ongoing success;

As Jordyn commented; there have been moments where I have doubted myself and I wanted to give up, and money has been tight but I'm so chuffed with the support network around me, my family and friends and especially my customers who get me through most days;

With 2020 lockdown increasing the emphasis on home cooking,Mingle grew by an astounding 500 per cent in a year. 

It's so rewarding, but this thing is not just my win; so many people have helped me on this journey, and it feels like a team effort. All the blood, sweat and tears have been worth it.;