Boronia Facade Upgrade Grant Project – Round 2

As part of the Boronia Revitalisation Program, round 2 of the Boronia facade upgrade program is being implemented to assist businesses revamp their shopfront.

The central Boronia business area has been chosen for a revitalisation boost, as part of the Victorian Government's Suburban Revitalisation Program. As part of this Program, round 2 of the Business Facade Upgrade Grant will be made available to Boronia businesses. Grants up to $5,000 are available, and the grant amount needs to be matched by the business. The grant is for businesses to upgrade their facade and increase the visual appeal of Boronia shopfronts overall.

Funding details

Individual businesses, arcades, shopping centres, community organisation or not-for-profit organisations can apply for a maximum $5,000. This is a 1:1 co-funded contribution, meaning you agree to fund the equal amount applied for in this grant. E.g. If you apply for a funding amount of $3,500, you must contribute $3,500 enabling a $7,000 facade upgrade project to the premises.

Knox City Council reserves the right to part-fund projects.

Eligible Projects

  • Painting, bagging, tiling or permanent decoration of the facade using any materials compliant with council regulations.
  • Signage on building and windows, excluding floodlight signage, A-frames and mobile signage.
  • Window treatments and permanent window fixtures, excluding security screens and doors.
  • Any work that is a refresh, repair or maintenance to the businesses’ existing façade.


  • Structural works.
  • Works that are not part of the existing building plan or construction permits.
  • Works obstructing visibility to the street. (Window signage or treatment must be in the top or bottom third of the window and ensure there is visual interaction between the inside and outside of the window).
  • Any works that are not considered as a refresh, repair or maintenance.
  • Signage over eight square metres, unless it is a refresh of existing pre-approved signage.
  • Businesses who have been successful in receiving round 1 grant funding.

Submission Period

The submission period will commence on 27th September 2021 and finish on 30th April 2022. Assessments will take place on a weekly basis. Grants will be allocated on a first come first served basis.  The submission period may close early should all grant funds be allocated prior to the closure date.

How to apply

To apply for Round 2 of the Boronia Business Facade Upgrade grant, go to our SmartyGrants platform. For more information, please contact us at or call (03) 9298 8064.