Tackling Ageism in the Workplace

As people live longer many will choose or need to work longer. There are many benefits to continuing to work as we get older including a sense of purpose, independence, dignity and social connectedness.

Research shows that age-diverse workplaces, where lived experience is valued and collaboration is encouraged, are more creative and productive. Other benefits for businesses who employ older people include increased experience, knowledge, skills and talent. Many older workers have been shown to be better at complex problem solving, handling stress, writing skills and attention to detail.

It is important that employment culture, structure and practices adjust to accept, include and welcome people at older ages. We know that age isn’t a reliable indicator of how effective someone is in the workplace. It’s really about the individual person.

The workplace is an evolving space that has room for all.  Join Knox City Council in standing for a world without ageism where people of all ages are valued and respected and their contributions are acknowledged.

Knox City Council’s EveryAGE Counts campaign

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