Interns in Industry 2022

Connecting Deakin students with local businesses

Deakin Interns in Industry 2022 BannerThe Deakin Interns in Industry program has returned for 2022.

If your business is time or resource poor, or looking to bring fresh ideas and a new perspective into your workplace - then it may be time to consider hosting an intern. 

Interns in Industry is an annual internship program run by Deakin Business School (DBS) where students complete a business internship with a local eastern region business. This prestigious internship program is in its 13th year and continues to grow. In 2022, the program will be a collaboration with Whitehorse City Council, Knox City Council and Maroondah City Council.

This free program  has been revised in 2022 to better suit the needs of businesses. Applications are open year round with consideration given to business project requirements as well as student specialisaion and availability.

Intern Placements

Business hosts are not required to pay students, as participation forms part of the Work Integrated Learning (WIL) internship unit and gains credit points towards their degree.

Students must complete a minimum of 80 and upto 120 hours (based around your business requirements) working on real business problems and projects relevant to their area of study.

Deakin will endeavour to offer placement opportunities in all three trimesters.

Business Requirements

To be eligible to participate, the business/organisation must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a registered business
  • Have five or more employees
  • Must ensure that meaningful/ professional work duties are planned for the interns so that outcomes are achieved for the student and business
  • Must amount to at least 100 hours and no more than 120 hours during the internship period
  • A suitable and safe working environment – must provide a COVID-safe plan

Appropriate supervision of the student, including the ability to provide mentoring and constructive feedback to the student intern. There is an opportunity to engage a blended model of on-site and work from home.

Placements are limited, with Deakin and Councils reserving the right to discount businesses from the program for additional reasons.

Benefits to Business

  • Increased capacity to take on organisational tasks and projects.
  • Access to students who bring the latest theory, techniques and fresh perspectives to your organisation.
  • Enhancement of your staff’s mentoring and supervisory skills.
  • Greater diversity in your work environment.
  • Access to a pool of prospective candidates and recruitment opportunities through the free Deakin online Jobs and Internships board.
  • A strategic partnership with Deakin University and the Faculty of Business and Law.
  • Businesses have the opportunity to connect with and utilise skills, insights and the dedication of final year undergraduate and postgraduate students from Deakin Business School.

Information Sessions

There are no further Information Sessions being held by Deakin in 2022.

Further Information

For business enquiries and expression of interest for future intakes, please make contact with the Council's Economic Development team via email.