Creating mentally healthy workplaces

The COVID19 pandemic has put extra stress on many businesses.

When you work alone or in small teams, some challenges are harder to manage. They include:

  • not always having someone to speak to about concerns you have
  • working long hours
  • taking calls or answering emails after hours
  • financial concerns
  • managing the administration of your business
  • feeling responsible for family and employees

Access support when you need it, because this is important for you, your employees and your business.

As a part of the $26 Million dollars allocated toward wellbeing and mental health support Business Victoria is offering resources to enable small business to build skills to help strengthen mentally healthy workplaces. 

This is in support of improving the mental wellbeing and relisilence of Victorian small business owners and their employees. 

The Partners in Wellbeing helpline can be accessed at 1300 375 330.

And the Workplace Wellbeing information hub can be found below. 

Workplace Wellbeing Information Hub

Partners in Wellbeing Helpline