Digital Upskills Program

Knox City Council is proud to present the 2022 Digital Upskills Program.

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This unique program focuses on providing practical digital marketing know-how to the small to medium businesses of Knox.

We want to set you up for success to apply digital marketing to your business with results.

About the program 

This program is designed around the participants creating their Digital Marketing Action Plan and then implementing it over a ten week period.

The program provides support and help in the form of: 

  • Workshops covering the essentials for digital marketing 
  • Action worksheets for each workshop to apply the knowledge and progress your digital marketing action plan 
  • Tailored support via the weekly Office Hours Sessions, where you get to ask questions, help to troubleshoot, and even deep dive into content from the workshop of the week
  • Further support from a private community of other participants and your dedicated digital marketing expert
  • Access to cheat sheets, templates, and additional helpful resources
  • One hour strategy and solution sessions (available to the first 20 registrations only) 

At the end of this program, participants will have: 

  • Developed a customer journey map
  • Created a Digital Marketing Action Plan 
  • Made progress on implementing their program 
  • Understand how to measure the results and start to improve and grow. 

This is a unique opportunity for businesses to leap ahead with digital marketing initiatives. 

Topics covered 

Over ten weeks, we will cover the following topics:

  • Create your digital marketing and action plan 
  • Creating Social Media Content 
  • From zero to 100 Canva skills 
  • LinkedIn for small business 
  • Facebook for business and boosted posts 
  • Instagram essentials 
  • Social Media Ads done right 
  • Search fundamentals and getting started with Search Engine Optimisation 
  • Google Ads 
  • Getting started on YouTube for small business 


Commencing on 13th July 2022, all workshops and follow up office hour sessions will be held online, making it easy to work into your schedule. Access to recordings and notes from each workshop will be available should you not be able to make the time. 

All workshops are held on Wednesdays at 1.00pm for one hour on the following dates:

Date Topic  
13th July Create your digital marketing and action plan Register Now
20th July Creating Social Media Content Register Now
27th July From Zero to 100 Canva Skills Register Now
3rd August LinkedIn for small business Register Now
10th August Facebook for business and boosted posts  Register Now
17th August Instagram essentials Register Now
24th August Social Media Ads Register Now
31st August  Search fundamentals and getting started with SEO Register Now
7th September Google Ads done right Register Now
14th September Getting started on YouTube for small business Register Now


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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost? 

If you are a business registered in the Knox City Council, it's free! The value of the program is about $1500 per participant.

What is the time commitment?  

Each workshop and the companion Office Hours Sessions are  for one hour. We suggest you set aside at least 3 to 4 hours to action the workshop output if you genuinely want to see results from your learnings – and digital marketing efforts. 

How do I get access to the free one-on-one digital strategy mentoring session?  

Available only to the first 20 registrations.

The first workshop is a must if you want to get the most out of the program. This workshop will help you develop a personalised plan of action for your digital marketing. 

Do I have to attend all the workshops? 

We encourage you to pick the relevant workshops for your business based on your action plan and focus your 'efforts' on those channels. We know time is valuable, so we want to give you the tools and support to help you focus on those things that will matter most to your business. 

What if I just want to attend one of the workshops without joining the program? 

You can attend any of the workshops without being a member of the program, but only members of the program will be able to access the additional Office Hours session and worksheets, cheat sheets, templates and other resources.