Boronia Placemaking and Activation Program

Welcome to Boronia Business Hub!

The Boronia Revitalisation Board is supporting more community building projects in Boronia this year, funding several projects throughout 2023/2024.  This includes the Boronia Placemaking and Activation Program which is rolling out a series of events and projects spanning 12 months, all aimed at reinvigorating Boronia.

Your input matters greatly as we strive to breathe new life into the Boronia retail area. Your voice can shape the type of projects that will occur in the Boronia Activity Centre. Please send your ideas to

Open Hours: 10am - 2pm Monday - Thursday


Here's a glimpse of what's coming:

Pop-Up Events: Over the coming months, we have exciting pop-up events, each co-designed by Boronia traders to bring a fresh vibrancy to our community.

Trader's Meetings: We value the input of our local businesses. Join us for ongoing trader's meetings, where we'll discuss ideas and strategies for enhancing Boronia's business landscape.

New Office Space: Keep an eye out for the upcoming office space in the Boronia Mall, Boronia Business Hub. There to support local traders, it's another exciting development designed to bolster the growth and potential of our beloved Boronia.


Boronia Business Hub Services Offered

  • Business Support
  • Mentoring
  • Resources and Education
  • Networking


Find Out More Today

Visit us at Shop 2/50 Dorset Square, Boronia.

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Together, we can breathe new life into Boronia, creating a vibrant and thriving community for all. Your involvement is crucial in shaping the future of this wonderful place. Join us, and let's revitalise Boronia together!