Boronia Networking Series

Join us for our new series of monthly networking sessions in Boronia! Hosted by the incredible business coach and facilitator, Emma McQueen, these gatherings promise to be a game-changer for local entrepreneurs.

Emma is not just an amazing facilitator but a master at bringing people together. She'll guide you to step out of your comfort zone, fostering connections with like-minded businesses facing similar challenges, pain points, and triumphs.

Expect more than just casual networking – Emma is here to delve into specific challenges. She'll skillfully group participants based on interests, creating an environment for collaborative problem-solving.

Let's build a stronger Boronia business community together! Save the dates below.

Feb 13 at 12pm

March 12 at 12pm

April 16 at 8am

May 14 at 8am

June 11 at 6pm

July 16 at 6pm