Development Facilitation Service

Council's Planning Services are responsible for the administration of the Knox Planning Scheme, which includes the consideration of applications for planning permits and ensuring compliance with planning permits and controls.

The Knox Planning Scheme requires a planning permit to be obtained for many land uses and developments including more than one house on a site (multi-dwellings or units), industrial and commercial development, subdivision of land or buildings, and in some instances of tree removal and other matters.

All development approvals in Knox are subject to a statutory process which we endeavour to deliver as promptly as possible. Our performance is strong, with recent figures showing that Knox determined 77 percent of applications during 2017 within the 60 day statutory timeframe.

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On occasions, a 'helping hand' can be of benefit, so in offering this service we try to 'stand in your shoes' and understand what you might need, to determine how best to assist you. This service becomes your business and investment 'front door' to Council, where you can be assured of prompt, professional attention and accurate assistance as your proposal progresses through its statutory requirements.

This service is available for significant development projects and includes:

  • Appointment of a 'case manager'
  • Assistance with site selection
  • Setting up of pre-application advisory roundtables
  • Coordination of advice from council officers
  • Brokered liaison with other government agencies and utilities
  • Application monitoring and progress reporting
  • Continuing contact and investment ‘aftercare’

For more details on this service, please contact Council's Economic Development team on ph: 9298 8000 or email