Industrial Garden Makeovers

Save Money whilst Supporting Local Wildlife!

One man is really making a difference in Ramage Street, Bayswater, the location of his cleaning products business, Lorel Ipsum. Greg Pearce has lived and worked in Knox all his life and loves the bush.

'At work I wanted to soften the environment for our staff and the buildings we own. We have developed an indigenous garden at home so I was aware of KES (Knox Environment Society) and G4W (Gardens for Wildlife program),' Greg said.

'When we purchased the building next door, we removed the driveway, which gave us an opportunity to develop three gardens together. The landscaping was done first and Darren Wallace from Operation Revegetation then planted 1,000 tubes. Two years later, the gardens had grown well so, we added some water for birds and registered for G4W.'

Not content with his own properties, Greg decided to encourage the neighbouring businesses to also make-over their properties, offering his services for free.

'The Council's biodiversity team was enthusiastic about what we had done and could see the potential for significant G4W in the street. Council has supported us removing weed trees and contributed to the cost of mulching and the planting out.[

'Others in the street have embraced the idea and are running with it. We make weed killer to deal with the grass and Worry Free Trees has donated the mulch. When you join G4W you are given a KES voucher for 20 free plants so it makes a good start.'

There are now six registered G4W businesses in Ramage Street with indigenous gardens that have been converted from lawn with three more that are well on the way. The photographs below show 20 Ramage Street, before and after.

'By replacing grass with mulch and indigenous plants and simply providing water for birds you make a significant improvement to the workplace environment. It has been relatively easy and inexpensive, and once established, it also costs less than paying someone to mow every couple of weeks,' Greg said.