Aerotrans Australia

Aerodynamics; a unity of two great brands

For over 30 years two brands have dominated truck aerodynamics ; Fuelscoop for cab mount products and NoseCone for body and trailer mounted devices.

Aerotrans Australia, located in Scoresby, is now excited to announce it has acquired the business and assets of NoseCone Aerodynamics. Following a transitional period through April 2013, the total NoseCone product range will be sold alongside Fuelscoop as a part of the rapidly expanding range of commercial vehicle equipment, marketed as Aeroz Products.

Some may ask why Aerotrans would acquire Nosecone, when it already has comparable products at its disposal. The answer, according to Aerotrans... "It's quite simple, even though Fuelscoop sales are continuing to grow, and we have equivilent body mounted products in our range, we cannot win the battle over brand - when it comes to body and trailer mounted 'cones,' due to the excellent consistent job done by Chris Ryman (for many years, with his Father, Cy), over many decades, Nosecone has continued to be first choice; they also have a range of sizes second to none."

Even though Fuelscoop has proven to offer savings well in excess of NoseCone, some vehicles do not travel adequate distance to justify the extra cost; the same applies for those with older trucks. Further to this, many cones are fitted to new bodies with little or no discussion as to available options, cost return benefits etc; in most cases the product used is the best known body mounted product, NoseCone.
Fuelscoop have been succesfully fitted in front of NoseCone, providing upwards of 10 percent further fuel saving, for relevant applications this combination can now be offered from Aeroz Products.

The acquisition is also natural with regards to finished product quality. NoseCone is manufactured to an OEM standard, which fits nicely into Aerotrans, itself an OEM supplier to manufacturers of transport equipment.

There is a growing awareness of the benefits of installing truck aerodynamic devices; the combination of Fuelscoop and NoseCone now enables the market to purchase the best product, or combination of products from one source.... Fuelscoop NoseCone combination..., Malec Bros reduced their fuel consumption by a further 12 percent , when they retrofitted a 1000mm high Fuelscoop onto the cab roof of their Heavy Duty F-Series Isuzu in combination with the NoseCone already fitted to the body.