Renewable energy for business

22 Feb 2024 11:00am

The Business Renewables Buying Group empowers medium to large electricity consumers with education and support to seamlessly transition to renewable energy sources. In Knox, where the industrial sector contributes to 50% of total emissions, our Climate Response Plan introduces diverse initiatives to help reduce their carbon footprint.

In collaboration with councils across Victoria, we're launching the Business Renewables Buying Group, aimed at assisting businesses and industries in making the switch to renewable energy. This initiative leverages collective buying power through a joint Power Purchase Agreement, offering stability by securing electricity costs over time and mitigating price volatility.

Join our complimentary webinar to delve deeper into the benefits of the Business Renewables Buying Group. The program also facilitates group procurement of renewable electricity for businesses, harnessing the advantages of increased scale.

Eligibility is open to businesses with a minimum energy expenditure of $100,000 per annum. For more details, visit the Eastern Alliance For Greenhouse Action website.

Victorian businesses keen on navigating their transition to renewable energy are invited to a free webinar on Thursday, 22 February, from 11 am to 12 pm.