Solar Savers webinar

27 Oct 2021 6:30pm

Do you run a business or work from home?

Solar Savers is a local government initiative designed to make solar easy and affordable for Knox residents.

The Solar Savers bulk-buy program can help you to install a solar PV system that will allow you to generate renewable energy for your home. This will effectively reduce your electricity bills, and future-proof your household against rising energy costs.

In addition, solar will help you reduce your carbon footprint, tackle climate change, and build a cleaner and renewable future.

Come along to this webinar on Wednesday, 27 October 2021 to find out how this program can help you switch to solar, and have your queries answered by the Solar Savers team and Eko Energy, the solar installer.

The Solar Savers team can:

  • check if solar is suitable for your home
  • estimate how much solar energy will reduce your bills
  • give you a quote
  • install a quality solar system on your home.

Additional support is available for pension and low-income households.



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