Google AdWords done right

7 Sep 2022 1:00pm

Learn how to test and learn with your ads, understand if the ads are profitable, and how to assess a Google AdWords specialist. An absolute must before you start advertising on Google to ensure you maximise your ad spend. 

Topics covered:

  • Introduction to the Google Ads dashboard 
  • Different ad formats and how to structure your ads 
  • Assessing Ad effectiveness 
  • Considerations when hiring search professional
  • How to measure success.

Bonus: If you have joined Knox City Council’s Digital Upskills program, you will also be able to access a range of additional resources and help, including templates, cheat sheets and a follow-up troubleshooting session for those that have questions as they work to implement the learnings to their business. 

Cost: Free if you're a business registered within the City of Knox.

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